ANCORIC Team Building Brand


Ancoric Team Building profound impression with customers and partnerss is INTEGRITY. That value is expressed in Our Opinion – Our Words – Our Action – Your Result. That value is our seed. We plant, take care day by day inoder to support your team to BUILD YOUR PROFESSION TEAM.

ANCORIC Team Building logo is inspired by the philosophy of Tree Life, impressed with 3 colors: Gold, White, and Blue, the 3 overlapping circles makes people think about cohesion,  blending. The 3 circles represent 3 elements: Haven – Human – Earth; Family – Individual – Career; Boss – Manager – Personnel. With Team Building: the 3 circles represent Skill – Knowledge – Attitude. With business: 3 circles represent Customer – Ancoric – Supplier … Those elements have close - mutual benefits relationship, create harmonious whole.

SLOGAN MEANING: Build Your Professional Team – That is not only our target which we work day by day, with our best effort, but also true value ANCORIC Team Building brings to customers and partners.