Corporate Philosophy ANCORIC Team Building

ANCORIC Team Building sincerely thank our customers and partners for giving us fine sentiments, cooperation opportunities and your sincere comments. With all our effort, ANCORIC Team Building is perfecting our services.

When we decided to establish ANCORIC Team Building, we were standing under a big old tree in Ba Vi National Park. At that moment, I asked myself that what was connection between longevity of organizations, enterprises and longevity of the hundreds years old tree?

A big old tree grow up from just a small seed. The importance is appropriate environment for the growth of seed. It is true that: the bigger the tree is, the deeper the roots plug into the ground in order to make the tree stable. A stable tree will live longlife, overcome storms, time, … and bear fruit. In organizations and enterprises, the seed is thought of the leader, the roots is core value, environment is culture.

We tell you this story to say to you Our Corporate Philosophy and core elements of our thinking and actions. With this philosophy and direction of Leaders Staff, ANCORIC Team Building will accompany our customers and partners on building Cohesion – Co-oporation – Profession – Success – Happy of your team.


Ha Noi, Oct 31st , 2013

CEO – Tung Nguyen Ba