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5 Steps To Team Building

Below are 5 Steps to ensure that team-work gets accomplished and everyone knows what to-do.

1: Why are we together? What is this team?

  • The team knows why it is assembled
  • The team knows why specifically each person is on the team and the skills that they offer
  • The team knows who the Project Manager / Team Leader is
  • The team knows what the Project Manager / Team Leaders is accountable for

2: Does the team and each person know what to do?

  • Team goals are known and understood. Everyone knows what ‘Done’ will look like and how the team will know it has achieved the goal
  • Each individual knows specifically what their individual goal is and what they should do
  • Cross-Functional-Role-Relationships are clarified
  • Each team member knows, with certainty, how they are to work with others inside and outside the team

3: Does the team and each person know how to do what they are supposed to do?

  • The team knows how to do the work and this has been checked and measured based upon Step 2
  • Each person knows how to do the work expected of them
  • Procedures for follow-up and measurement(s) of progress are established and shared

4: Does the team and each person have the best tools / resources to do the work?

  • In order to achieve what the the people on the team are supposed to do the necessary resources are budgeted and readily available
  • The resources are in the best working order possible and are available when needed, in the quantity needed, with the quality needed

5: Are Check-ins, Milestones and follow-up expectations known documented and used?

  • A shared document with expected team check-ins and milestone achievements is created and revised as needed
  • The team has documented dates, follow-up meetings, accomplishments and lessons learned
  • The Project Manager / Team Leader has documented follow-up meeting with each team member individually to see how things are going and offer assistance and coaching as needed
  • Obstacles that the team and people encounter are documented and shared openly in team meetings. Action-steps to solve the obstacles are documented and shared