Successful Co-operation

1. Introduction: Successful Co-operation

Today, working pressures and requirements are increasing. Besides, in work, people must coordinate with other people, departments  regularly. Event they are very far away. Therefore, people need an essential skill to work, co-operate successfully. It’s “teamwork skill”. Good teamwwork skill makes people do bettet job, work more effectively  and get better result than work individually.

 By researching, I found that working methods of each people develop in the following levels: 

1. First, with simple requirements, people work individually. People use their personal skill such as: self-managing (objectives managing, time managing, … ), self studying, positive thinking, independent thinking ...

2.  With higher job requirements, people collaborate with others. Now they use teamwork skills (include: communication skill, listenning skill, discussing skill, leading skill, planing skill, interpersonal skill...). I call this state team – collaboration.

3 – When teams need to co-operate, collaborate more continuously, regularly, in longer term, beside the above teamwork skills, people should change their opinion, they should be ready for a higher level of teamwork: win – win mindset, co-operation mindset, team building, team culture. I call this state teams - collaboration.

4 – In some special case, teams – collaboration state developes to a higher lever. It’s not as simple as collaboration among teams in an organization. It becomes co-operation with rival(s). This co-operation will bring benefit to both parties. This case often happen among enterprises which are in the same bussiness field. I call this state synergistic cooperation.

People will work and co-operate more successfully if they realize this developement.

In this program, I approach and share this issue with a creative, innovative, flexible and attractive team building method. Instead of organizing traditional classrooms with pens, papers, slides and lectures, I use practical exercises . Trainess participate in real activity, team organization, group discussion, brain stimulation, team activities and games. They will draw lessons and experience for theirselves through activities, stories. Sound effects and NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming – will make every participant emotional, bring them superior efficacy.

2.  Team Building Activities

-  Startup game, ice breaking 

-  Devide players into teams

-  Activity No 01: Flying Carpet

-  Activity No 02: Basketball-with eggs

-  Activity No 03: Stick Transfer

-  Activity No 04: Making Square

-  Activity No 05: Win - Win

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